100wc T3 W9

And here I am in the alive city of New York ready to get some new fancy clothing and a new bike. As I went into the shop only one bike came to my sight. ‘ That is an absolute beauty’, I thought. I looked at bike I could imagine the adventures I would take with her. Better than my horse. So I took the bike and rode it down the hill back to Ironbark. And as I  went downhill… “Noooooooo!” I exclaimed as my  head got stuck in a piece of hay. After that,  I realised I should just stick to my horse.



We were learning about song lyrics today. So we made a remix of our school hymn (Thus we adore thee) in class. Here is mine .

It is your blo-od that;

Keeps your heart Pump-ing;

Active and living;

Stands your bo-dy;

Keep us al-l living;

Where our body’s healthy;

Thus, we adore thee.

Dan 3

I had just went out of my tent after eating supper when Goodwin took me to Lieutenant Roberts tent. He accused me for disobeying the Governor’s orders by stealing a hunting dog from the natives. After taking a sigh full of sorrow and joy, he told me to have good night’s sleep and that he had no choice but to flogme.



The next day, Goodwin and I got sent to build a triangle. Whilst we were doing that,                  Waruwi came with something wrapped in animal skin as I came towards her Goodwin warned about how much trouble I was in but I didn’t bother listening to him. As I looked inside I saw a puppy. Goodwin and I couldn’t wait to tell Lieutenant Roberts!


After some time soldiers came to whip me with those dangerous looking cat’o’nine tails with nine whips on them. As Lieutenant Roberts came towards he told me again why I was getting flogged. As he complained about me I revealed the puppy and explained him that wouldn’t it be easier to train a puppy how to hunt rather than a hunting dog which belongs to the natives living here.






100WC T3W6

Hmmm… Ahhh! What has happened? I thought. Why am I on a tiny patch of ice in the middle of the sea? Am I dreaming? Is this the Ice Age? Where are my parents? Will the ice melt? Why am I asking all these questions when I have no one tell me the answer. As I looked around myself I saw as ice as cold as frozen ice cream and comparing my fur which was as warm as 10 blankets. Suddenly I saw a whale ,a killer shark and sailfish. Then I looked at the ice below me again oh no, it was melting.